CO2 incubator manufacturer in India

iLabot Technologies: CO2 Incubators Manufacturers iLabot Technologies is a leading CO2 incubator manufacturer in India. Our CO2 incubators are used by hospitals, universities, test labs and research organizations.

A CO2 incubator is laboratory equipment used to create a CO2 enriched atmosphere allowing the cell and tissues cultures to develop and grow. This then is used to cultivate organism on living tissue and the results are used for reporting and treatment purposes. CO2 incubators are used while carrying the test. Body sample or infected tissue/body sample is placed inside the incubator for a period of 3-5 weeks with the following crucial mandatory requirements:
CO2 levels ranging from 2% - 20%Atmospheric Temperature 4 - 50 degree Celcius.Humidity limited to a max 95%Incubators made by iLabot Technologies have the following features: Air or water jacket constructionCorrosion resistant durable exteriorLCD control system for temperature, CO2 and humidityParameter variation alarmsImpo…

Horizontal Autoclave Manufacturers in India

Horizontal Autoclave Manufacturers in IndiaAbout the Manufacturer
iLabot Technologies is a 2nd generation manufacturer and supplier of horizontal autoclaves in India. Based out of New Delhi, they have a stronghold in North India and has been manufacturing made to order autoclaves for pharma.

India is fast becoming a cheap and quality conscious destination for all products related to the medical field. One of the most important laboratory equipment is an autoclave. It is used to carry out tests results to identify and write conclusive reports to assist scientists and doctors. One of the primary functions of an autoclave is sterilization. It is extensively used to sterilize used medical supplies.
Manufacturing Process: Once a request is confirmed for an autoclave. Ilabot Technologies shares a detailed document that has a list of inclusion and purchased separately items. Our team then starts the manufacturing process and it takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month for this process to comple…

Thermal Shock Test Chamber uses

Ilabot Technologies: Thermal Shock Test Chamber ManufacturersThermal shock chambers are used to produce test results pertaining to a material’s capability to withstand the different level of climate/environmental changes between high and low-temperature changes within a short span of time. The primary use of thermal test chambers is to help understand the physical changes in the structure of the material by expansion of material due to high heat and contraction due to low-temperature settings. This can be achieved within a span of couple of minutes and results can be used in defining the lifetime as well as the durability of the product.
There are many manufacturers who engineer test chambers to allow manufacturers to gauge real-world stresses like temperature and humidity on a product. Most of the thermal shock chambers are manufactured to cater to multiple applications without the need of software or hardware modification. 
Main benefits of Thermal Shock Chambers include the follow…

How to use a Vertical Autoclave.

Ilabot Technologies: Vertical Autoclave Manufacturer and Suppliers in India An autoclave is a laboratory testing equipment used to carry out tests in different conditions i.e
multiple ambient conditions such has hot, humid, dry etc. Autoclaves help in determining the quality and performance of test products which once tested are approved for production or are labelled with best use conditions. Application of Autoclaves is wide, right from a making a needle to making a spacecraft, they help in testing the strength, durability and ideal performance parameters for metals, pharma products, organic and inorganic materials.

Autoclaves are a part of laboratory equipment family. They can be found in a variety of industries to perform sterilization and other scientific processes which are best carried out in high pressure and high temperature environment. Just an example: in the medical field, hospitals in particular. After each process, an instrument is ignored until the time it is sterile aga…